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                   Duct-EZ® Manual J,D and S HVAC Calculations  
            Our staff has been trained trained by Jack Rise.Jack is an ACCA/EPIC certified instructor for all of  
        the ACCA residential and commercial design manuals including the 8th Edition of Manual J
        (Residential Load Calculations), the 3rd Edition of Manual D (Residential Duct System Design), the
        5th Edition of Manual N (Commercial Load Calculations) and Manual Q (Commercial Low Pressure,
        Low Velocity Duct System Design). He was an RSES instructor for 10 years, currently runs training
        sessions for NATE and EPA/CFC Section 608 Certifications and ACCA/ANSI Standard 5
        (HVAC Quality Installation Standard).

      Jack is the author and presenter of the ACCA HVAC Essentials series and the NATE Essentials series
   of training CDs.  He is a 3
5+ year member of RSES, a Life Member of the North Jersey Chapter of ACCA,
   an associate member of ACCA-Florida and
FRACCA and a Life Member of the NATE Technical Committee.

       ACCA’s Manual J is the first step in the design process of a new heating and air conditioning system.
       By following the Manual J methodology, HVAC designers are able to accurately determine the total
       amount of heat that is lost through the exterior of a home during the cooler months, and the total
       amount of heat that is gained through the exterior of a home during the warmer months.

      Through a complex series of calculations and inputs, the HVAC designer is able to analyze all aspects
      of the thermal characteristics of every wall, floor, ceiling, door and window. In addition, an HVAC load
      calculation also takes into consideration other factors such as the home’s geographic location, orientation
      to the sun, envelope tightness, duct leakage, lights and appliances. ACCA’s Manual J even calculates the
      amount of heat and humidity that each occupant of the house will add to the interior of the home.

      There are two types of Manual J load calculations:
      *Whole House (Block) HVAC Load Calculations
      *Room-by-Room Load Calculations

      Duct-EZ® staff only uses the Room by Room method for Manual J, D and S Heating and Cooling Loads.

      Manual D is the ACCA method used to determine the overall duct lay-out including the individual duct
      sizes. To design a duct system, the HVAC system designer must have completed a Room-by-Room
      Manual J load calculation as well as a Manual S equipment selection. All to often, duct systems are
      created using rule-of-thumb methods in lieu of using Manual J, Manual S and Manual D. This practice
      is the predominant reason for complaints of temperature differentials throughout a home as well as
      complaints of excessive noise caused by air velocity that exceeds the maximum allowed by Manual D.

      Manual S is performed once a Manual J load calculation has been completed, the HVAC designer will
      have the information required to accurately select the proper HVAC equipment. The equipment
      selection is based on performance criteria such as the equipment’s total capacity to remove heat
      and moisture from the air as well as how much total air, and at what pressure, the system can produce.
      This is important to note because one manufacturer’s 3 ton HVAC system can perform significantly
      different than another manufacturer’s 3 ton system. In addition, a 3 ton system that is installed in
      Ohio is going to perform differently than the identical 3 ton system would perform if it was installed
      in Houston Texas.


      Above image is a typical drawing using RHVAC software to produce your Manual J, D and S calculations.

      Pricing will vary depending on your needs. You may only need the Manual J, D and S report without
      drawings. Your home has two or three systems. Your project has several HVAC zones. What ever your
      needs are we can get the results necessary to complete the job. Our pricing begins at $285.00.
      Call us for a quote on your next project. Duct-EZ® 855-5DUCTEZ, that's 855-538-2839

          Duct-EZ® staff has been Nate Certified.

Duct-EZ® will seal all Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) duct work including the Air Handler/Furnace.No more duct tape. We provide quick professional service and we keep it simple.


Duct-EZ® is a water based mastic product spray or brush applied to ant HVAC duct area.

Duct-EZ® is an alternative system that seals all supplies, panned or open cavity HVAC air returns, inside or out to create a safe, environmentally sound Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System

Duct-EZ® is also used as an air sealer, reducing heated and cooled air from escaping your home
as well as reducing the polluted, allergen and unconditioned air from infiltrating your home.
Duct-EZ® is also used for Radon protection by sealing the space between the concrete floor and the concrete wall 

Anatomy of a Typical House

*Air Infiltration
*Air Exfiltration
*Duct Leaks
*Return leaks in Duct leaks result in allergens and pollutants being drawn into your home which affects everyone in the home



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We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label.

ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.S. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR® remains the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

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